Oliver Lunn is a London-based artist. He works predominantly in mixed media collage.

Born in 1987, Lunn grew up in the southeast of England. As a teenager, his first impactful encounter with the arts was seeing the paintings of Basquiat, the films of Jim Jarmusch, and hearing the 80s art-rock of Sonic Youth.

After completing a BA in Fine Art in 2009, Lunn moved to London where he worked for a French film channel. He then began working as a film journalist and platform editor for VICE. After going freelance some years later, his practice became newly energized, switching from painting to collage. He was excited by the idea of using found materials charged with history: hunting for old magazines in charity shops, scooping up old papers in the street.  

Lunn approaches collage much like his earlier paintings. He embraces mishaps, marks and stains. He employs soft colours and faint imagery that aren't always visible on first glance, with quiet details lurking in the background. For Lunn, the combination of ghostly marks with a muted palette expresses feelings of sensitivity, softness and sadness.

Today Lunn is focussed on multi-layered works. In these pieces, he sands the surface of old abandoned collages, builds new layers, peels them back, reshaping the piece until it feels right. 

In early 2020 the Kanyer Art Collection - an international collage collection dedicated to collagists from 1980 to present - acquired two mixed media works by Lunn. Currently, he is working on pieces for a group show in London in 2021.

For more information about the artist, read an interview here

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